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28 what’s left stands

by on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Eric Balint -28 what's left stands

whaslefti initially was going to have a lot more layers going on in this song, but i really like the sound of it stripped down like this…i guess because it allows the drum part to come through more…
…also, it’s 11:55

the idea for the lyrics sprang from watching people in a restaurant from outside.

guitar: zanny’s generic classical
bass: beat ass harmony
vocals x’s 3
hand claps

i watched you through the glass
but it should have been a screen
you all looked just like
actors in a movie scene
laughing it up
dressed to the nines
young and fit
raising your cup
saying your lines
with charm and wit
wide eyed and blue and silver toned
the crowd holds it’s breath
and shivers to the bone
for what you might say next
from outside
the motion’s slow
the meaning’s deep
but i don’t
really know
i’m not in this scene
there is no such thing
there’s no fire
or hero’s cape
there’s no last minute escape
when broken down
and barely there
what’s left stands
true and bare

23 song of attack (or retreat)

by on Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Eric Balint -23 song of attack (or retreat)

-attack horsemen u washthe key to this song really was the use of the snare drum. i wanted the tune to have this sense of attack, where i would just pound on the chords without stopping, or fiddling about whatsoever, but initially it was going to be more rockin, and i had a distorted guitar part and the whole bit, but when i laid down the drum track with just the snare, the feeling of the song really sprang up.

so every instrument is pretty constant, except for the piano…which brings me to my next story:
i got a piano!
i would like to thank Susan, who gave it to me, and David and Julie for hooking the whole deal up.
now, i just got this thing, and it is woefully out of tune, and i thought i would not use it on here until i was able to get it tuned, which i have not yet done
but it was just too much darn fun to bang out these chords…and i think the slight off notes actually fit well.

guitar: zanny’s generic classical
bass: beat ass harmony
organ: hammond
snare drum
piano: susan’s hand-me-down upright

everybody stop!

22 it roars

by on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Eric Balint -22 it roars

harwell-witch-pb-swell, i guess this song is about when a person is going through one of those tough times, when it seems like the world keeps piling it on. it’s not a reference to my current state of mind or anything like that, but i think we’ve all been there. i remember once i had this awful day, just terrible, where nothing went right, and when it was finally over and i got home to relax at last, my cats had shit all over my apartment.
it was like the universe had sent me a tangible metaphor.
it’s those kind of days i had in mind here.
musically this thing sprang out of my own personal arbitrary insistence that today’s offering begin with a Bm chord.

guitar: zanny’s generic classical, yamaha hollow body electric

when the tobacco is all gone
and you’re left to breathe
when you got no tricks left up
your tattered sleeve
when all of your best companions
have moved away
when you got nothing saved for
a rainy day
when you remember the good times
flowing music, easy rhymes
when you’ve got no vices left
dangerous enough to quit
when the world is full of shit
as they say
when it pains it roars
when your wallet’s empty
and your heart is broke
when your kid is crying
and you miss your folks
when you’re only remembered for the
things that you lack
when your baby’s gone
and never coming back
when you remember…
…when it pains it roars

(note:  everytime i have put up a post here i go to a search engine, type in the title of the song, and find an image i like and put it up. when i did that with this song title i realized that this whole “when it pains it roars” thing has been used many times before, including  by the band Jawbreaker. just wanted to say that i don’t recall ever hearing it before i thought of it…and also, i am completely unoriginal and lame.)

21 great big mistake

by on Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Eric Balint -21 great big mistake

bufala little summin purdy for the misses

guitar: zanny’s generic classical
organ: hammond

i should have ridden the train to decatur
but i’m glad you got off with me at east lake
because here we are seven years later
that could have been a great big mistake

19 william telling

by on Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Eric Balint -19 william telling

william_faulknerever since learning “Something Stupid” by Frank and Nancy Sinatra (which is one of my all time favorite songs)  i’ve really been loving the Am6 chord. i was strumming on it this morning and started interplaying it with a Gmaj7 because i liked the way the F# appeared in both, and that was how this song came about.
the lyrics are meant to have a bit of a bite to them…but…they probably don’t make sense anyway

guitar: yamaha hollowbody electric, zanny’s generic classical
bass: beat ass harmony
snare drum and splash cymbal played with fingers
organ: hammond
vocals x’s 2

i am not the kind to coddle
elephants scream at a mouse
random house don’t want your novel random bombs blow up your house
they’re not buying what your selling
like it’s sweating in the south
it’s like you’ve gone william telling
with the apple in your mouth
today, today
you will listen now
the walls of that town
will never hold out
but we will show you how
to build anew
i will not cut with precision
i’m no surgeon, you’re awake
take the fruits of your decision
ande feed them to the snake
today, today…

15 new glories spring

by on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Eric Balint -15 new glories spring

roy-rainford-morning-glory-spring-yellowstone-national-park-unesco-world-heritage-site-usai fully admit that a certain show that i saw last night was a direct influence on the style of this song. i just couldn’t help myself.
i try to give it my own treatment, but it is what it is.
the books have been written. most of us should feel lucky to occasionally be given permission to tear out a page.

the beginnings of new glories spring were actually the words, which i wrote (an earlier version of) a little while ago.
i almost never write songs like this.(making the music fit the words instead of the other way around) i find it usually sounds forced. but when i started picking this chord progression, these lyrics fit right in.
i recorded a number of different parts to test out various sounds, but i ended up going with a fairly stripped down version.

song 15…half way there

guitar: zanny’s generic classical x’s two
organ: hammond (specifically the bass foot keys)

there’s been, i don’t know, six billion sad stories
written and sung out in the night
the blessed, the obsessed, and the boring
and the ones that hit you just right
there’s been reporters who watch til they go numb
there’s been multitudes of good guys and bad
immigrants who miss where they come from
but who memorize everything they had
there’s been rushed and wholly secret
rendezvous in the park
there’s the ones who burned unreturned
and lovers who tripped in the dark
there’s been prayers begging for graces
and mourners raising their toasts
waitresses who never call themselves waitresses
packing up mountains of suitcases
and heading for the coast
there’s been the grumbling of every town’s stumblebums
there’s been dust covered souvenirs
the desperate wade through the humdrum
which quietly disappears
there’s been young parents laughing at babies
and crying and paying the bills
there’s been hammers swinging
and lullaby singing
and the quiet swallowing of pills
there’s been, i don’t know, six billion sad stories
i could go on and on
but we’re all the same in our glories
and new glories spring
when we’re gone

08 confetti

by on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Eric Balint - 08 confetti

tomconfettii don’t know…it’s about leaving home…it’s about the road…it’s about missing those who have left
…it sounds like mexico
…i enjoy small percussive things
…that’s about it  i guess

guitar: zanny’s generic classical
bass: beat ass harmony
various shakers, tambourines, scratchers, and castanets with monkeys on them

all the way through the southeast yesterday
now we’re in ohio
hope to make the great lakes
before we eat and settle for the night
then the big turn west will happen
and we will try to catch the sun
out the window went our maps ’cause
there’s no such thing as
getting lost on this run
i will miss the way you used to make
nothing will ever be the same
now that we’ve left
i know that that’s the truth
but there’s nothing i can do
the highway’s a callin
but i will write to you
before we scatter over the world
like confetti
let’s take a moment to make
sure we’re ready
to let the distance between us
get so far
if i were to venture a guess
i don’t think we are

(note: my fade out faded out better before i got here. now it kind of cuts off. oh well.)

03 bettie

by on Friday, October 9th, 2009

Eric Balint - 03 bettie

bettie11:27 pm. just got it in!

so with my very limited time to record today, i decided to lay down a sloppy rock tune. its about, get this, a guy who is obsessed with a girl. i know. i know. always breaking new ground. a riff and a few chords repeated a couple of times, let myself go goofy on a noisy guitar solo, open up the snare so it buzzes forever, and there you have it.

for the record this story is a complete fabrication and i know no one with the name bettie.


guitar: yamaha hollow body,  zanny’s generic classical
bass: beat ass harmony
organ: hammond

bettie, you got to be mine

02 grade school art

by on Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Eric Balint - 02 grade school art

gradeschoolgirlartits not the norm for me to let myself write something “sweet”, but i ended up kind of liking this one. the way the chorus sounded in my head brought me naturally to the phrase ” you’re mine” and thinking about a person belonging to you. and this got me thinking of images of a kid not wanting to share something special. and that’s where these lyrics came from. don’t get me wrong. i am an advocate of sharing. but sometimes you can just keep your damn hands off of my transformer. know what i mean?

(note: i am recording these songs on a korg digital recorder. i got this one about ninety percent finished when the thing froze up on me and erased it all. now i’m going to be nervous as all get out every time i lay down a note. only 28 more to go!)


guitar: zanny’s generic classical
ukulele: Hilo
banjo: Michael Row’s Austin
vocals x’s 3

you, you’re a brand new toy
that i let the boys
admire jealously
but never hold
the first slice of my cake
or a tried and true mistake
that i only own
when i’m old
you’re mine
you, you’re a secret box
with rubber bands for locks
dusty in the back
of the closet shelf
or grade school art
or when i fell apart
remembered in the end
what i could create myself
you’re mine

01 Big Strange Dog

by on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Eric Balint - 01 Big Strange Dog

dog_headi wrote the basis of this song pretty quickly in the morning…it only has three chords after all. then i threw it down and started adding layers. normally i’d probably still be tooling over it and cleaning it up, but this being a song each day, i’m putting it up as is. please excuse any sour notes or lack of punch.

the lyrics too were spit out pretty quick. i guess the idea behind them is keeping someone safe from being afraid

two guitars: yamaha hollow body electric
zanny’s generic classical
bass: harmony
various shakers and a snare drum
microcassette recorder

big strange dog
but don’t run away
you’ll just give it
something to chase
is the world we left dying
is the world we left you dying
the water’s cold
and past your feet
but what is wasted
pasted to your seat
is the world we left dying
is the world we left you dying
…a stand up
law abiding
god fearing man
a calm water riding
helpless little lamb
everybody is watching you
but everybody is watching you
is the world…

(note: i’ve been running the songs through a volume boost program so you could, you know, hear them. this one reacted to it with some strange muffles, but, what are you going to do?)