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25 halloween freakout!

by on Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Eric Balint -25 halloween freakout

freakoutit’s a halloween freakout!

guitar: yamaha hollowbody electric x’s two
bass: beat ass harmony
organ: hammond
shakers and random noisemakers
vocals x’s four

24 love and food

by on Friday, October 30th, 2009

Eric Balint -24 love and food

orange**warning**: this song contains some unsavory language. if you are the type of person who doesn’t care for such things, please do not press play…
but, if you are able to forgive such atrocities, and you have about fifty seconds to spare, why don’t you give love or food a try.
thank you very much.

piano: susan’s hand-me-down, still woefully out-of-tune upright
guitar: yamaha hollow body electric
vocals x’s two

f*** you bank
f*** you fees
i was in a decent mood
but bless the baby
and bless the noodles
bless you love and foo

22 it roars

by on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Eric Balint -22 it roars

harwell-witch-pb-swell, i guess this song is about when a person is going through one of those tough times, when it seems like the world keeps piling it on. it’s not a reference to my current state of mind or anything like that, but i think we’ve all been there. i remember once i had this awful day, just terrible, where nothing went right, and when it was finally over and i got home to relax at last, my cats had shit all over my apartment.
it was like the universe had sent me a tangible metaphor.
it’s those kind of days i had in mind here.
musically this thing sprang out of my own personal arbitrary insistence that today’s offering begin with a Bm chord.

guitar: zanny’s generic classical, yamaha hollow body electric

when the tobacco is all gone
and you’re left to breathe
when you got no tricks left up
your tattered sleeve
when all of your best companions
have moved away
when you got nothing saved for
a rainy day
when you remember the good times
flowing music, easy rhymes
when you’ve got no vices left
dangerous enough to quit
when the world is full of shit
as they say
when it pains it roars
when your wallet’s empty
and your heart is broke
when your kid is crying
and you miss your folks
when you’re only remembered for the
things that you lack
when your baby’s gone
and never coming back
when you remember…
…when it pains it roars

(note:  everytime i have put up a post here i go to a search engine, type in the title of the song, and find an image i like and put it up. when i did that with this song title i realized that this whole “when it pains it roars” thing has been used many times before, including  by the band Jawbreaker. just wanted to say that i don’t recall ever hearing it before i thought of it…and also, i am completely unoriginal and lame.)

19 william telling

by on Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Eric Balint -19 william telling

william_faulknerever since learning “Something Stupid” by Frank and Nancy Sinatra (which is one of my all time favorite songs)  i’ve really been loving the Am6 chord. i was strumming on it this morning and started interplaying it with a Gmaj7 because i liked the way the F# appeared in both, and that was how this song came about.
the lyrics are meant to have a bit of a bite to them…but…they probably don’t make sense anyway

guitar: yamaha hollowbody electric, zanny’s generic classical
bass: beat ass harmony
snare drum and splash cymbal played with fingers
organ: hammond
vocals x’s 2

i am not the kind to coddle
elephants scream at a mouse
random house don’t want your novel random bombs blow up your house
they’re not buying what your selling
like it’s sweating in the south
it’s like you’ve gone william telling
with the apple in your mouth
today, today
you will listen now
the walls of that town
will never hold out
but we will show you how
to build anew
i will not cut with precision
i’m no surgeon, you’re awake
take the fruits of your decision
ande feed them to the snake
today, today…

18 sandsalt

by on Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Eric Balint -18 sandsalt

sandsaltthis song features my first guest: my friend David Oliver. he came by and i hadn’t done anything yet today and he is a badass musician and i said come on. i started beating on this scale i had been messing around with on the marimba, and he started playing some super lush organ chords, and we just kind of laid it down and didn’t think about it too much. then i grabbed a drum and he grabbed my guitar, we both did another track, and there you have it.

guitar: yamaha hollowbody electric
organ: hammond
marimba: musser
ceramic handrum

16 test ban

by on Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Eric Balint -16 test ban

testbanpthis song started with the bass. i hadn’t began there yet. then i laid down some simple tremelo-d guitar. then i moved onto the drums…
i had a couple of kit mics going and i decided to put some delay on one of them…and it really created a different sense of mood than i had anticipated.
so that kind of led me to where the song ended up.

bass: beat ass harmony
guitar: yamaha hollow body electric
organ: hammond

14 thing

by on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Eric Balint -14 thing

Thing 12i picked up the guitar this morning and just started playing the riff of this song. i didn’t think about it at all, it just came out. i went from there, adding layers that took it to some strange places. it’s got a weird movement to it that i kind of like, or, at least find interesting.

guitar: yamaha acoustic, yamaha hollow body electric
bass: beat ass harmony
banjo: michael row’s austin

aahh aahh

10 161

by on Friday, October 16th, 2009

Eric Balint - 10 161

canon161i didn’t have a chance to get to today’s song until about 10:30pm…at all…nothing written or planned or anything.
needless to say its pretty bare bones.
there is, however, a nice little mallet interlude towards the end.
this song is about something that happened this morning.
it happened at 161 bpm.

guitar: yamaha acoustic
marimba: musser

i’ve just gotten back from the moon
i’ve fended off lions with chairs
i’ve circled the globe in balloons
i’ve walked on my hands down the stairs
beside pyramids i have knelt
i’ve swam the whole of the sea
but never have i felt
like when you said hello to me

09 these little wrecks

by on Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Eric Balint - 09 these little wrecks

new-train-falls-1899-wreckthe first thing i recorded for this song was the drums. i didn’t have anything else written yet. i just had a general sense of tone that i was going for. then i worked out a chord progression on the guitar, and went from there. i like how it ended up sounding the way it feels outside today.

guitar: yamaha hollow body electric
bass: beat ass harmony
organ: hammond

will you speak in my ear
so nobody can hear
will you tell me what’s next
and pull me from these little wrecks
will you comfort me when
i’ve gotten nervous again
will you tell me what’s next
and pull me from these little wrecks
stay with me
will you lay me to rest
in my sunday best
i will lay with you then
until we meet again

07 sawbuck

by on Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Eric Balint - 07 sawbuck

180px-Sawbuck_photoi decided that i wanted to write something in a five count, and “sawbuck” is where i ended up. the individual elements are fairly simple, but i like the way they go together. for the first part of the song, i have the drums and bass in a four, as a counterpoint to the guitar, then eventually they all fuse together. then, towards the end i try to mess with where the hits hit.
i almost pulled it off too.

the lyrics of this song were inspired by my maternal grandma and grandpa.
sawbuck is a term my grandpa used to mean five dollar bill.

two guitars: yamaha hollowbody electric
yamaha acoustic
bass: beat ass harmony
vocals x’s 3

i’m going to get my brother
to teach me the foxtrot
so the next time i see
Martha Jane
i can ask her to dance
cause she’s the best thing
these eyes ever did see
i don’t know what she
would ever do with a hound like me
but soon they’ll ask the boys to leave
for some far off shore
and i would never make it through
if i didn’t find out
cause she’s the best thing
these eyes ever did see
i knew i would come home
when she said to me