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Song 30: “Can I Relax Now?”

by on Monday, August 31st, 2009

Here is Song #30 – Stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 30 Can I Relax Now?

30 PedalsTo quote the immortal words of one Clark W. Griswold, “Hallelujah, and holy shit.” Here I am at the very end of my 30-day project, and I must admit that I am terribly relieved. It has been a boatload of fun and a huge challenge, but I definitely feel that I have grown as a songwriter and I have allowed myself to step outside of my usual comfort zone with many of the tunes. That said, I’ll also very much enjoy having my spare time back to relax and do real human things. I’ll post this song today, and then probably relax for a day, and then come back and do a “wrap-up” post. It will include my thoughts on the whole project, some links, and of course: I’ll put all of the songs (along with some album artwork) into one big handy ZIP file for easy download. I’ll also discuss how the project will move forward without me!

So, the song. This tune was a tone of fun to record, and is definitely a sound that I’m not usually doing. You’ll just have to listen to it!

Instruments used:
Acoustic guitar (Seagull)
Electric guitar (Telecaster)
Electric bass (Fender Jazz)

I can’t believe its finally over
I thought this month would never end
I can’t believe I’m finally finished
This project nearly did me in

Song 28: “Only ’til Night”

by on Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Here is Song #28 – You can stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 28 Only 'til Night

28 GenBooooooo Comcast! OK, my internet service is back up, but it is intermittent and I’m very irritated. But the good news is that A) I have 2 songs posting today, and B) We had a great time playing the Grant Park Festival yesterday. So YAY for that!

So, this is Saturday’s song, and I’m posting it on Sunday. Sorry dudes. Anyway, this song sprang from another old guitar part that I’ve had in my head for a long time. I’ve tried playing it (and recording it) a few times before, but never got it right and never wrote lyrics for it. So, like many of these other songs, it seemed a perfect candidate for this project. I stripped it down to some nice acoustic guitar and a couple of vocal tracks – as you may have noticed, I’ve favored that low-key sound for a few of the past songs here. Maybe I’m just in that kind of mood?

Once I recorded the guitar part, I wrote some lyrics and recorded the main vocal track pretty quickly. The song is about how much I enjoy my special ladyfriend kissing me goodbye on mornings when she has to get up earlier than I do, and how I then look forward to her kissing me goodnight later on that day. Sappy, I know. But hell, I just love knowing that she’s the first person I usually see in the morning and the last person I usually see at night. It’s nice.

I then did some harmony vocals and that was it.

Instruments used:
Acoustic guitar (Seagull)

When I hear her alarm
I slightly wake
And give her one last hug
Before we start our day
I look forward to her kiss goodbye, but only ’til night
All day long I wait
To get home to her
And lay down for the night
Hold onto her tightly
I look forward to her kiss goodnight, but only ’til day

Song 25: “Not if She Does Not”

by on Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Here is Song #25 – You can stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 25 Not if She Does Not

25 MixerThis idea went through a couple of big changes over the course of an hour or two. I first started playing it in 4/4, then got bored and switched to 5/4, and finally settled on 3/4. I think in 3/4 it sways a bit more, and more accurately conveys the tone I wanted for the song.

I also (just like the last song) recorded way more instruments than what actually ended up in the final mix – once I had layered on a bunch of stuff, I decided that it just felt better being very simple. So, the final mix here is just one acoustic guitar and two vocal tracks.

The lyrics for this song popped into my head as I was falling asleep one night last week. As I lay in bed, I could see into the next room through a slight crack in the door to where my special ladyfriend was sewing something. You see, much like me and my musical aspirations, my ladyfriend is an artist herself – her chosen medium is fabric. I got to thinking about how she sometimes makes a garment that she knows will never be worn – much like how I write songs all the time that I know will never be heard. But that line of thought led me to wonder what would happen if all of a sudden I had a breakthrough song that made people want to get their hands on any other music I had done in the past (I remember years ago really getting into Elliott Smith and searching everywhere until I finally found music he did with his previous band Heatmeiser). At this point in my life, what would my musical legacy be? I think of all the demo tapes and CDrs that people have given me over the years, and how many I have given away myself. I have early recordings by members of Mastodon and Sound Tribe Sector 9 (I went to high school with some of them) that sound nothing at all like the music that has made them famous, and boy would they be pissed if some of that shit ended up on the internet! God help me if some of the terrible shit I’ve handed out over the years ever made it into the wrong hands…. 🙁

Instruments used:
Acoustic guitar (Seagull)

She threads the needle through cloth
And I sleep through it all
Like a restless child
I know just what this will mean
For us and what we will be
If she succeeds
And I will go with her if she does
Time will mean; not if she does not
She’s making a dress out of scraps
That will never be worn
But that’s not the point
Just like when I sing this old tune
For you, the prize in the act
We don’t have a choice

Song 24: “Suits & Stares”

by on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Here is Song #24 – You can stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 24 Suits & Stares

24 HeadphonesI came up with the verse guitar part for this song back around Christmas ’08, but couldn’t do anything with it. It didn’t fit with what we’re doing in A Fight to the Death, so I just kinda shoved it on the back burner. I have no idea what made it pop into my head out of nowhere yesterday, but I figured it what high time I actually finished it.

I fiddled with the song until I had what I considered to be a decent chorus part, and then recorded the acoustic guitar track with a very simple progression. Once this was done, I tried layering all sorts of stuff on top: melodica, xylophone, accordion, ukulele. But, as is often the case, I found that the more I added the less I liked the song; I stripped everything back out except for a single guitar track.

The vocal melodies came very quickly; this song has such a simple structure that the vocals practically wrote themselves. The lyrics are just about how I wish I could sometimes take a sick day from my life and not just my job.

Instruments used:
Acoustic guitar (Seagull)

Coming up for some air
Beneath the waves for too long
I can see things as they are
Not how I think they should be
I think I’m coming down with a cold
On this day
When I will confront the things I fear
I will take a sick day
But I am only postponing the inevitable
Things won’t change just because I hide
Finding structure in chaos
Ruin all the order
Everything will be better
Without all the plans
Now I can face the suits and the stares
With more apathy
Towards all that I feel pressure to do
I must be strong

Song 22: “Great Stories”

by on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Here is Song #22 – You can stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 22 Great Stories

22 NylonOK, so with this song I’m fairly certain that my use of falsetto singing has jumped the shark. I became kinda fascinated with it after Song #20, so I decided to do another one this way. Listening the the playback, it reminds me a lot of the old “Chipmunks” Christmas record I had as a kid.

The structure of the song is a chord progression that popped into my head late last week; it kinda reminds me of early Belle & Sebastian songs with regard to tempo and rhythm. Once I recorded a simple A-B-A-B repetition of the two parts on acoustic guitar, I just went straight for the vocals. Usually I flesh the song out more before I do the vocal track, but in this case I figured that there might not end up being much in the way of instrumentation, so I just jumped ahead. Once I had written and recorded the vocals, I put a little nylon-stringed acoustic lead part in the middle and that was it.

The lyrics are a playful look at the compromises and sacrifices you have to make if you want to attempt a life as a professional musician.

Instruments used:
Acoustic guitar (Seagull)
Nylon-stringed acoustic guitar (no-name piece of crap)

I have a great idea
To get us off to where we should be
We should each sell off a finger
Or a toe, but only the little one
Then with all the money we make
We will travel the world
If they ask where did our toes go
we’ll just say we gave them up for the band
And we might find that we regret
Giving up such precious things
But in the end we’ll have great stories
All our friends might have their fingers
And jobs with 401ks
But we will have played in New York
And even been mugged in L.A.
When it all is said and done
We can sit back and live off our kids
When its time to say our goodbyes
We can say at least we tried

Song 12: “Fears of Nightmares”

by on Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Here is Song #12 – You can stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 12 Fears of Nightmares

12 GretchThis song began in a rather traditional way – with just a couple of parts I wrote on the acoustic guitar. I recorded a pretty simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus progression with the guitar, and I had no idea where to go from there. To get my creative juices going, I cracked open a beer and then just picked along to the guitar track with my baritone ukulele…and when that didn’t really do it, I banged out a simple drum part with just one floor tom.

At that point I got a little frustrated – I didn’t have a vocal melody or any lyrics at all. I overdubbed a lead electric guitar part with my Gretsch, and only then did a vocal melody come to mind. From there, the total melody and the lyrics actually came pretty quick; I was hugely relieved!

Instruments used:
Acoustic guitar (1990’s Seagull)
Baritone ukulele
Floor tom (small Yamaha thing)

She went to bed last night with fears of nightmares
Held her eyelids up as long as she could
Beneath the blankets and wool, she clung to her bible
And prayed that she’d find a way to keep them at bay
Oh, they come in her sleep now
To tug and pull her away
Each time they come closer
Hold on, hold on, hold on little girl
When she jerks awake in the morning
she finds him next to her, holding her tightly
And in some little way, she knows that he helped her
To hang on through one more night without going under