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09 these little wrecks

by on Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Eric Balint - 09 these little wrecks

new-train-falls-1899-wreckthe first thing i recorded for this song was the drums. i didn’t have anything else written yet. i just had a general sense of tone that i was going for. then i worked out a chord progression on the guitar, and went from there. i like how it ended up sounding the way it feels outside today.

guitar: yamaha hollow body electric
bass: beat ass harmony
organ: hammond

will you speak in my ear
so nobody can hear
will you tell me what’s next
and pull me from these little wrecks
will you comfort me when
i’ve gotten nervous again
will you tell me what’s next
and pull me from these little wrecks
stay with me
will you lay me to rest
in my sunday best
i will lay with you then
until we meet again

04 something to see

by on Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Eric Balint - 04 something to see

there are a few standard  chord progressions that i like, and this song uses one of them. my idea was to utilize  this structure but use unusual chord versions within it. the hope is that it would feel familiar, but also sound bizarre.

when i came up with the third section, the phrase “they see what they wanted” just popped into my head and into the song. this became the taking off point for the lyrics. i thought about how people can find their own meaning in things. how something can be completely believable to someone and nonsense to someone else. i also thought about people hiding things, and only letting others see what they want. i also thought about ghosts.


guitar: yamaha acoustic  bass: beat ass harmony  organ: hammond  drums  vocals x’s 2


faintly floating in front of me

i can barely see a pale figure

she stopped the clock

my knees gave a knock

my eyes couldn’t get any bigger

she said hide me under the bed

i don’t need it known that i’m here

i’ll guess i look a god awful mess

i’ve been wearing this dress for eighty years

hide away with a skeleton key

dust and sweep under the rug

piss around your territory

tap the cork into the jug

they see what they wanted

what they wanted was something to see

there’s no resting in peace

or silencing beasts

or offering up of fear

but then again that ghost is never here

unless i look hard enough to see her