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07 Stung By Static

by on Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Johnny Massey - 07 Stung By Static

JM: guitar, drums, vocals

Gettin’ stung by static in the air
I was told it’s just as cold there
Gettin’ stung by static in the air
Black as coal I was told there

Feelin’ problematic can’t be fair
I was told take it slow there
Think your gonna crack it but it won’t be here
He was bold but twice as old there

06 Made it Up

by on Friday, January 8th, 2010

Johnny Massey - 06 Made it Up

JM: guitar, bass, keys, vocals

Feels like I’m stranded in a mobile home
Stranded and I can’t can’t go on
But I just noticed the microphone was on

Feel like dancing all alone
Four wheels sound like they’re part of the song
By morning I wonder will the snow be gone

Made it up in my mind
Do those things from time to time

Feel like singing in a phone
Sing singin’ like you can’t do wrong
But I know all my coins I left at home

05 The Way You Did Me

by on Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Johnny Massey - 03 The Way You Did Me

JM: guitar, bass, vocals
Alex Auxier: drums, lapsteel, vocals

Will you ever call me out
Will you ever wear the crown
Did you kill your hair with clouds
Tell me how you feel right now

So save me or tame me
Or brave me or make me
Just do not do me the way you did me then
But I won’t toss about it

So damn me but have me
oh laugh please oh laugh please
I’m sensing the weight is wearing through your skin
But I can’t care about it

04 Seagull

by on Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Johnny Massey - 04 Seagull

JM: guitar, bass, vocals
Colin Miles: drums

Turn to the left turn to the right
All he can say did you see the light
Death has him marked dark as the night
Belly of the beast bound to be a fight

Ride into the sun black as the dawn
He’ll be the doc and your Clementine
Always live your life just out of reach
Always on the run his goal is under siege

03 High School

by on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Johnny Massey - 03 High School

JM: guitar, drums, keys, vocals

Let’s just steal a car
It’s such an easy thing
Walk on down the hall
What would people think

Let’s just jump a train
Such an easy thing
On your knees again
This is gonna sting

Let’s just run away
You know everything
I hear what you say
It doesn’t mean a thing
Just like high school again

02 Diamonds

by on Monday, January 4th, 2010

Johnny Massey - 02 Diamonds

JM: guitar, bass, vocals
Kristen Massey: keys, percussion (stix)

Met her in a bar ordered a beer
She just stood there overcome with fear
I know what to say I know what to do
Diamonds stole alone are easier with two

In the morning sun over some food
Layout the plans of what goes down at noon
She will drive the car and wrestle with the tears
As I pull away with twenty years

Later at a bar order a beer
I just stood there conceal the tears
I know what to say I know what to do
Diamonds stole alone are easier with two

01 The Race

by on Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Johnny Massey - 01 The Race

A little pop song about a truck driver leaving on his next haul.

guitars, bass, drums, tambourine and vocals

Heading out early today before the sun comes up
Left his in love in bed always saves the last cup
Oh oh oh

It’s only natural to race when the lights are up
Time won’t dirty his pace all he needs is luck
Always hungry to taste of the parting cup
You never lose a race so why you giving up
Oh oh oh

19 Sharp Pencil

by on Friday, December 4th, 2009

Fires of Bangkok - 19 Sharp Pencil

19 Sharp-PencilWith this one I just played a little guitar then wrote some passive aggressive words.  Another short little idea in the spirit of Instrumental #18.

Guitar, Vox: Fires of Bangkok

I’ll sharpen that old pencil,
sharp enough to use in a fight.

Write down some fightin’ words,
then erase them before they’re heard.

I’ll write down a thousand words,
bear down real hard.

When I erase the words they can still make them out,
then maybe they’ll hear me out.

18 Instrumental #18

by on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Fires of Bangkok - 18 Instrumental #18

18 Instrumental-18My dad used to make these tapes with one guitar where he would run through the form of a song twice.  Each tape had about 25 songs on it.  This reminds me of those tapes.  This will turn into something more grandiose in the future but for now its just nostalgic.

Guitar: Fires of Bangkok


17 Instrumental #17

by on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Fires of Bangkok - 17 Instrumental #17

17 Instrumental-17Lots of ground loop noise to deal with on this one… so I compressed the hell out of the telecaster to get what I could out of it… maybe next time. Dealing with the bad signal/noise ratio made me do some things I would have never done otherwise. So maybe I learned something. Telecasters ain’t easy but always sound really cool.

Drum Programming, Bass, Guitars, Background Vox: Fires of Bangkok