Fires of Bangkok

by CJ on December 16th, 2009

About Fires of Bangkok:
010Fires of Bangkok is the nom d’musik of a dude who prefers to remain anonymous. He  began playing music at the age of five. He was awarded the 87-88 Instrumentalist Magazine Musicianship Award at 18 years of age. In those early years he participated in exhaustive formal musical studies including master classes with Ellis Marsalis, Ed Thigpen, Jim Chapin, and Randy Brecker.

His longest running project Unminded began with friends Alan Marsh, Scott Larkins, Mike Augustine. In 1988 they began writing experimental music inspired by movie soundtracks. Completely off the map Unminded never played an official gig with the lineup but set the tone for the Unminded project for the next 10+ years.

After the original lineup disbanded he began working with Lisa Smith and David Courtney. The project under the name Threshold featured dark electronic compositions. Threshold recorded 20 to 30 tracks none of which have been released. There has been some talk of release but nothing as yet. Threshold slowed down at which time Fires of Bangkok and Lisa began to redirect their efforts on the Unminded project. Unminded added Mike Lynn – guitar (Betty’s Not a Vitamin), Vic Richard – bass, with a rotating crew of folks including Chris Lynn – drums, Ivan Ruyle – bass (Betty’s Not a Vitamin), and Luis Stefenal – percussion (Curtis Mayfield). The group played very few gigs while spending most of its time recording and writing.

Unminded was a multi-media project that also focused its time on visual art. Fires of Bangkok and Lisa produced hundreds of paintings and photographs during their 18 year span. In the later years he and Lisa created the online zine marked by the same title that featured surrealistic audio interviews with post-punk and pop culture figures such as Marty Willson Piper (guitar – The Church), Daniel Lanois (producer – U2, Bob Dylan), Johnny Marr (guitar – The Smiths, The The). During this span of time Fires of Bangkok produced an acoustic session with Nikki Sudden. Five songs were captured all yet to be released.

During the last years of Unminded he also split his time acting as the webmaster for The Magic Band reunion featuring Rockette Morton, Drumbo, Denny Walley, and Gary Lucas. He also served in the same manner for The Swimming Pool Q’s during their critically acclaimed Royal Academy of Reality era.

Since 2004 Fires of Bangkok has been focused on his new project The National Foundation featuring contributors Irving Hendrix, Ana Balka, Eric Roache, Chad Pittard, Melina Echo. In addition to his personal project you can also find him collaborating with Brutus Iscariot featuring Mike Seshul and various Uncle Punk Records acts.

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Fires of Bangkok - 19 Sharp Pencil
Fires of Bangkok - 18 Instrumental #18
Fires of Bangkok - 17 Instrumental #17
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Fires of Bangkok - 15 I Won't Remember
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Fires of Bangkok - 13 Instrumental #13
Fires of Bangkok - 12 Hello
Fires of Bangkok - 11 The Mess
Fires of Bangkok - 10 Vulture Prick
Fires of Bangkok - 09 Sleeping Song
Fires of Bangkok - 08 Night of the Sun
Fires of Bangkok - 07 I'm Alive
Fires of Bangkok - 06 Say
Fires of Bangkok - 05 Exit
Fires of Bangkok - 04 Outside My Window
Fires of Bangkok - 03 So Far
Fires of Bangkok - 02 To Catch the Trochillidae
Fires of Bangkok - 01 Something Without Wings