Eric Balint

by CJ on November 15th, 2009

From Eric, in first-person:
010this is eric balint, coming to you from Decatur GA. sometimes i put out some home style recordings under the name the cleaner learning center. i do not currently play in any other bands, a fact i hope to remedy as soon and as many times as possible.
i have a basement with a fireplace that is full of instruments. i plan to use many of them in this process.
i think “a song each day” is a great idea and i am excited to be participating.
i will be making these recordings on a Korg digital multitrack.
i am no producer.
i am a fan of many many styles of music.
i really like my ipod, but i will never stop wanting to hold physical copies of albums.
i have a healthy sized stack of microcassette tapes full of little musical snippets and ideas. i plan on exorcising the occasional said snippet during this run. i hope this will not be seen as adverse to the sprit of the project.
thanks for listening.

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Eric Balint - 30 to the end
Eric Balint - 29 shimada
Eric Balint - 28 what's left stands
Eric Balint - 27 the vine
Eric Balint - 26 that wheel (sharpens the axe)
Eric Balint - 25 halloween freakout
Eric Balint - 24 love and food
Eric Balint - 23 song or attack or retreat
Eric Balint - 22 it roars
Eric Balint - 21 great big mistake
Eric Balint - 20 something with a monkey
Eric Balint - 19 william telling
Eric Balint - 18 sandsalt
Eric Balint - 17 my lowlife heroes
Eric Balint - 16 test ban
Eric Balint - 15 new glories spring
Eric Balint - 14 thing
Eric Balint - 13 the azaleas can't make up their mind
Eric Balint - 12 capuchin
Eric Balint - 11 unlucky men
Eric Balint - 10 161
Eric Balint - 09 these little wrecks
Eric Balint - 08 confetti
Eric Balint - 07 sawbuck
Eric Balint - 06 knocking 'em dead
Eric Balint - 05 last words
Eric Balint - 04 something to see
Eric Balint - 03 bettie
Eric Balint - 02 grade school art
Eric Balint - 01 big strange dog