CJ Bargamian

by CJ on August 25th, 2009

From CJ, in first-person:
CJMy name is CJ Bargamian, and I sing and play guitar for the Atlanta-based band A Fight to the Death. AFTTD’s music is kinda a strange hybrid of Eastern European Gypsy / Americana / Dance styles….make any sense? Anyway, I’ve been playing around Atlanta for about 17 years now (the first club show I played was back in ‘92 or ‘93 at the old Wreck Room), and I’ve been a part of a ton of bands of varying quality.

I currently live in the Edgewood neighborhood with my special lady friend, my dog, our two cats, and a roommate. I do interactive advertising and social media crap for a living, and spend all my other time gardening, playing music, biking and watching bad TV. I like black coffee, vegetables, cheese, trees, fire, beer, and animals. I’m not too keen on pleated pants, cake, mayonnaise, and driving a car.

That’s essentially all you need to know about me.

As the creator of the ASongEachDay project, I figured I should be the first one to complete it. It was a grueling process, but ultimately a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Below you will find links to all of my songs, blog entries, and videos, as well as a ZIP file containing the entire project.

**Click HERE to download all 30 songs, with artwork, in one ZIP file**

**Click HERE to read all of CJ’s posts**

You can stream all the songs here without having to read through my jibber-jabber. Just click the little “PLAY” arrow button!

CJ Bargamian - 30 Can I Relax Now?
CJ Bargamian - 29 Then and Only Then
CJ Bargamian - 28 Only 'til Night
CJ Bargamian - 27 All
CJ Bargamian - 26 All Right Here
CJ Bargamian - 25 Not if She Does Not
CJ Bargamian - 24 Suits & Stares
CJ Bargamian - 23 Dressed in Rags
CJ Bargamian - 22 Great Stories
CJ Bargamian - 21 untitled 3
CJ Bargamian - 20 I've Got Things, Girl
CJ Bargamian - 19 Too Easy
CJ Bargamian - 18 Ukuleles in A Minor
CJ Bargamian - 17 untitled 2
CJ Bargamian - 16 Ho Hum
CJ Bargamian - 15 She Talks in Her Sleep
CJ Bargamian - 14 Boredom Sets In
CJ Bargamian - 13 Crappy Band
CJ Bargamian - 12 Fears of Nightmares
CJ Bargamian - 11 Instrumental w/ Dog
CJ Bargamian - 10 In the East
CJ Bargamian - 09 In/Out
CJ Bargamian - 08 Thy Neighbor
CJ Bargamian - 07 A Younger Man
CJ Bargamian - 06 Everyone Sees You
CJ Bargamian - 05 untitled 1
CJ Bargamian - 04 Turn to Stone
CJ Bargamian - 03 Long Miles
CJ Bargamian - 02 Coffee Mug
CJ Bargamian - 01 Her Might