Up Next: Johnny Massey

by CJ on December 19th, 2009

Songwriter Johnny Massey has decided to complete a project, but his will be shorter than usual: he’ll be doing 7 songs in 7 days. His project will start on Jan 3, 2010!

In advance of his start, here is a bit about Johnny:

JMLike many kids from small towns, sports played an important role in the development of Johnny Massey. A superstar from a young age in both football and baseball, he seemed destined to come crashing out of the Mississippi Delta and into a full ride at a top notch university. But by the time he reached college his interests had changed and he found himself at a crossroads.

Art had always been a major part of Johnny’s life, but the music bug didn’t bite until his freshman year in college when his parents gave him his first guitar. Soon, every bit of spare time that had been taken up with sports was converted into creating chord progressions, lyrics, and eventually writing full length songs. His love for classic rock gave way to an obsession with Pavement and Silver Jews, and eventually Johnny rediscovered his musical and cultural roots by immersing himself in the blues.

Fast forward 12 years and Johnny lives outside of Atlanta with his wife, two dogs and a recording studio in the basement. He spends his days as the VP of Marketing for a custom carpet manufacturer, but at night he immerses himself in writing and recording songs. He also runs a web design/graphics company called Massey Entertainment and a small digital independent record label under the name ME Records. Johnny has been in several bands over the years but more recently he can be heard playing guitar and singing with Delta Company, as well as Capture Squad, his solo project featuring a revolving group of musicians from Atlanta/MS Delta. Capture Squad’s new album, “Mineral Row”, was released in early December 2009 and can be streamed and downloaded for free from www.masseyentertainment.com

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