by CJ on December 14th, 2009

What can I say? Doing 30 songs in 30 days is harder than it looks, and I know first-hand.

Andy King cranked out 19 songs in just over 20 days, and the quality of those tunes is exceptional. But alas, Mr. King was struck with a bit of the ol’ writer’s block at an oh-so-inopportune time, and thus fell 11 songs short of his goal. Shit happens!

Anyway, we’ll do the customary wrap-up post shortly and also post all of his songs in one location on the “previous artists” page.

ASongEachDay.com won’t see much action for the rest of the year, but I’m pleased that another songwriter has decided to have a go at it. Though his busy life (and husbandly responsibilities) will only permit him a shorter run, songwriter Johnny Massey will do a 7 Songs in 7 Days project beginning just after the new year. More on him soon!

Once he is done, we will once again need someone to take on the project – any takers??

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