11 The Mess

by Fires of Bangkok on November 26th, 2009

Fires of Bangkok - 11 The Mess

11 The-MessWanted to make a really messy song that could hardly be understood but still have a leg in pop…

Drum Programming, Maracas, Bass, Guitars, Vox: Fires of Bangkok

What’s the commotion, doesn’t make sense.
Why all the vultures, making a mess.
What will you do with your bullet defense?
Taking something when nothing is left.

How do we start making a fence?
What do we do with our bullet defense?
It’s no good, when nobody’s left.
Devil know when we do it to death.

What is devotion, does anybody care?
What is so gripping about despair?
Well that’s easy nobody cares.
Everyone’s blinking they’re all too scared.

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