What is This, You Ask?

by CJ on July 29th, 2009

CJHello everyone, and welcome to ASongEachDay.com!

I’m CJ- singer, guitarist and songwriter. If you have found this site, you probably either know me personally, or know me as the singer in Atlanta band A Fight to the Death. I currently have a bit of spare time away from AFTTD (our drummer had an accident and is unable to play for a month), and I plan to use that time to get this little project going.

I plan to write and record 30 songs in 30 days – one each day. These songs will range in length, style, instrumentation, and certainly in quality. Some I will record in my home studio, others I’ll record on my iphone in my backyard. I might record myself playing my 1980s Casio keyboard in the shower. I might overdub 16 tracks of nothing but xylophone. Either way, each day I’ll have a new song that will sound nothing like the music that I usually perform with A Fight to the Death.

Each of these songs will be available here at ASongEachDay.com after I finish it. For free, of course.

Now here’s the kicker: once my 30 days are over, I will cordially invite other songwriters to take the reigns and do a project of their own. My hope is that this site will provide not only a challenge to me and other writers, but will also provide listeners with a month-long virtual audio diary of a performer’s life.

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