07 I’m Alive

by Fires of Bangkok on November 22nd, 2009

Fires of Bangkok - 07 I'm Alive

07 Im AliveI wanted to do a song that was embarrassing for me forcing me to make a fun song rather than being so serious. I wanted to add one of those Jackson 5 style speaking parts in it to accomplish this… So Tim and I took a few shots to loosen up and allow the inhibitions to go away then we started recording. Its excruciatingly embarrassing to me but after letting a few friends hear it they convinced me to get over it.

Drum Programming, Bass: Tim Delaney
Drums, Guitar, Vox: Fires of Bangkok

First there was darkness, then there was light.
I’m sending you visions tonight, and all the girls with the Cadillac eyes.
This town’s gonna crucify me, but I’m alive, and I will survive,
In the spirit.

(talkin’ crap)

I know you’re a sinner, I know I’m alive.
I’m # 7, but you are space # 9.
I will survive,
In the spirit.

(talkin’ crap)

I will survive, in the spirit.

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