wrap up/cast

by Eric on November 8th, 2009

well, 30 days have come and gone. i really enjoyed this experience. sure, there were times when it was daunting and laborious,
but mainly i loved having it there everyday.
generally i feel pretty good about the results. most of my complaints concern production/recording quality…and i would much rather have complaints on that front than about the songs themselves.
as far as the songs go, there are definitely up and downs, hits and misses, but that is to be expected under these circumstances.
mostly, i must admit, i feel proud of what i’ve done here…i mean, it easily could have turned out to be 30 stinkbombs,
know what i mean?
many thanks to CJ and asongeachday for letting me participate in this thing. it’s been a blast.
now, who wants to start a band? i am completely serious.

i present to you the cast:

zanny's generic classical


stagi concertinapianomusser marimbayamaha hollow body electric
hilo ukulele

michael row's austin banjopercussion
hammond organthank you

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