27 the vine

by Eric on November 2nd, 2009

Eric Balint -27 the vine

vineone time i gave my girl a card that had a jungly cartoon scene on it, and inside i wrote a bunch of bad jokes and puns about love and jungles and monkeys, etc. but one of the lines i wrote we thought was actually kind of good, and it, or a version of it, has now turned into the lyrics of this song.
so the words were first, and they kind of led to a type of sound i wanted to go after. the music started with the drums and then i just kept adding parts…
…and adding parts

guitar: yamaha hollow body electric
bass: beat ass harmony
ukulele: hilo
concertina: stagi
organ: hammond
piano: susan’s hand-me-down, still woefully out of tune upright
vocals x’s two

life is a jungle
and you are the vine
that i swing from
and try and make it to the other side

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