20 something with a monkey

by Eric on October 26th, 2009

Eric Balint -20 something with a monkey

MONKEY2this past saturday (aka day 18) i had a really full day and didn’t get going on that day’s effort until late, and at that point of the night my friends David Oliver and David Eckert were coming over. so Oliver and me scrambled to get a recording done, then we were sitting around as the song was converting/loading/etc.
so i said “what are we going to call it?” David O.’s suggestion was “sahara fawcett”.
and then zanny (my wife) said “i don’t know, something with a monkey.”
David E. really liked that phrase “something with a monkey” and the next day he wrote some lyrics with that title and shared them with me.
so today i turned them into this song

ukulele: hilo
organ: hammond
splash cymbal and metal rod

that organ grinder’s ground
outside this little bar
with nothing but a tattered coat
and second hand cigar
the tune he plays it haunts me
it’s on his “greatest hits.”
it’s something with a monkey
like a lover sorely missed
his hurdy-gurdy droning
through the night and silent streets
a sound that speaks to lonely men
beneath their frozen sheets
if you ask he’ll tell you
that the only organ ground
is the one within his chest
the source of his lonesome sound
the tune he plays still haunts me
like a mouth that’s left unkissed
it’s something with a monkey
it’s a lover sorely missed

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