15 new glories spring

by Eric on October 21st, 2009

Eric Balint -15 new glories spring

roy-rainford-morning-glory-spring-yellowstone-national-park-unesco-world-heritage-site-usai fully admit that a certain show that i saw last night was a direct influence on the style of this song. i just couldn’t help myself.
i try to give it my own treatment, but it is what it is.
the books have been written. most of us should feel lucky to occasionally be given permission to tear out a page.

the beginnings of new glories spring were actually the words, which i wrote (an earlier version of) a little while ago.
i almost never write songs like this.(making the music fit the words instead of the other way around) i find it usually sounds forced. but when i started picking this chord progression, these lyrics fit right in.
i recorded a number of different parts to test out various sounds, but i ended up going with a fairly stripped down version.

song 15…half way there

guitar: zanny’s generic classical x’s two
organ: hammond (specifically the bass foot keys)

there’s been, i don’t know, six billion sad stories
written and sung out in the night
the blessed, the obsessed, and the boring
and the ones that hit you just right
there’s been reporters who watch til they go numb
there’s been multitudes of good guys and bad
immigrants who miss where they come from
but who memorize everything they had
there’s been rushed and wholly secret
rendezvous in the park
there’s the ones who burned unreturned
and lovers who tripped in the dark
there’s been prayers begging for graces
and mourners raising their toasts
waitresses who never call themselves waitresses
packing up mountains of suitcases
and heading for the coast
there’s been the grumbling of every town’s stumblebums
there’s been dust covered souvenirs
the desperate wade through the humdrum
which quietly disappears
there’s been young parents laughing at babies
and crying and paying the bills
there’s been hammers swinging
and lullaby singing
and the quiet swallowing of pills
there’s been, i don’t know, six billion sad stories
i could go on and on
but we’re all the same in our glories
and new glories spring
when we’re gone

2 Responses to “15 new glories spring”

  1. CJ Says:

    Wow man. Just wow. The song is great, but those lyrics are just amazing. This is my favorite so far!

  2. eric Says:

    CJ, that means a lot to me man.
    i really appreciate it.

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