13 the azaleas can’t make up their mind

by Eric on October 19th, 2009

Eric Balint - 13 the azaleas can't make up their mind

Azaleas_And_Live_Oaks,_Magnolia_Plantation,_Charleston,_South_Carolinathis is a little mountain ballad. i wanted it to be real loose…like someone started to play the organ and everyone else just grabbed what was by them and went.
the lyrics were inspired by outside.

organ: hammond
guitar: yamaha acoustic
banjo: michael row’s austin

the wheel barrow’s flipped over in the leaves
the ladder is on it’s side
the pumpkins are waiting silently
to be brought to life
the weeds are climbing through the deckboards
the azaleas can’t make up their mind
there’s critters living in the gutters
but i’m afraid i don’t know what kind
we should really remember to
have the fireplace checked
we’re running out of spaces
to hold all the things we collect

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