12 capuchin

by Eric on October 18th, 2009

Eric Balint - 12 capuchin

this is my first instrumental piece. South Korea Buddha Birthday
it’s called capuchin.
capuchin can refer to a type of monk, or a type of monkey.

it’s probably the most fun i’ve had recording so far.

concertina: stagi
marimba: musser
banjo: michael row’s austin

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  1. Bekir Says:

    I write because I have to. When I don’t write I get atathepic and moody. I started writing at school with badly rhyming poems of teenage angst. Later, while travelling, I wrote to try to explain my vagabond life to friends and family who stayed at home. At university I wrote to get good marks. As a teacher of English I wrote unit plans, reports and lessons because it was part of the job. That was never enough. I need to write creatively. I need to write factually. Sometimes I need to rant. I write full time at the moment so making money is a part of why I write. But the money can never be all of it. I just have to write. I write therefore I am.

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