08 confetti

by Eric on October 14th, 2009

Eric Balint - 08 confetti

tomconfettii don’t know…it’s about leaving home…it’s about the road…it’s about missing those who have left
…it sounds like mexico
…i enjoy small percussive things
…that’s about it  i guess

guitar: zanny’s generic classical
bass: beat ass harmony
various shakers, tambourines, scratchers, and castanets with monkeys on them

all the way through the southeast yesterday
now we’re in ohio
hope to make the great lakes
before we eat and settle for the night
then the big turn west will happen
and we will try to catch the sun
out the window went our maps ’cause
there’s no such thing as
getting lost on this run
i will miss the way you used to make
nothing will ever be the same
now that we’ve left
i know that that’s the truth
but there’s nothing i can do
the highway’s a callin
but i will write to you
before we scatter over the world
like confetti
let’s take a moment to make
sure we’re ready
to let the distance between us
get so far
if i were to venture a guess
i don’t think we are

(note: my fade out faded out better before i got here. now it kind of cuts off. oh well.)

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