Song 24: “Suits & Stares”

by CJ on August 25th, 2009

Here is Song #24 – You can stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 24 Suits & Stares

24 HeadphonesI came up with the verse guitar part for this song back around Christmas ’08, but couldn’t do anything with it. It didn’t fit with what we’re doing in A Fight to the Death, so I just kinda shoved it on the back burner. I have no idea what made it pop into my head out of nowhere yesterday, but I figured it what high time I actually finished it.

I fiddled with the song until I had what I considered to be a decent chorus part, and then recorded the acoustic guitar track with a very simple progression. Once this was done, I tried layering all sorts of stuff on top: melodica, xylophone, accordion, ukulele. But, as is often the case, I found that the more I added the less I liked the song; I stripped everything back out except for a single guitar track.

The vocal melodies came very quickly; this song has such a simple structure that the vocals practically wrote themselves. The lyrics are just about how I wish I could sometimes take a sick day from my life and not just my job.

Instruments used:
Acoustic guitar (Seagull)

Coming up for some air
Beneath the waves for too long
I can see things as they are
Not how I think they should be
I think I’m coming down with a cold
On this day
When I will confront the things I fear
I will take a sick day
But I am only postponing the inevitable
Things won’t change just because I hide
Finding structure in chaos
Ruin all the order
Everything will be better
Without all the plans
Now I can face the suits and the stares
With more apathy
Towards all that I feel pressure to do
I must be strong

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