Song 22: “Great Stories”

by CJ on August 23rd, 2009

Here is Song #22 – You can stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 22 Great Stories

22 NylonOK, so with this song I’m fairly certain that my use of falsetto singing has jumped the shark. I became kinda fascinated with it after Song #20, so I decided to do another one this way. Listening the the playback, it reminds me a lot of the old “Chipmunks” Christmas record I had as a kid.

The structure of the song is a chord progression that popped into my head late last week; it kinda reminds me of early Belle & Sebastian songs with regard to tempo and rhythm. Once I recorded a simple A-B-A-B repetition of the two parts on acoustic guitar, I just went straight for the vocals. Usually I flesh the song out more before I do the vocal track, but in this case I figured that there might not end up being much in the way of instrumentation, so I just jumped ahead. Once I had written and recorded the vocals, I put a little nylon-stringed acoustic lead part in the middle and that was it.

The lyrics are a playful look at the compromises and sacrifices you have to make if you want to attempt a life as a professional musician.

Instruments used:
Acoustic guitar (Seagull)
Nylon-stringed acoustic guitar (no-name piece of crap)

I have a great idea
To get us off to where we should be
We should each sell off a finger
Or a toe, but only the little one
Then with all the money we make
We will travel the world
If they ask where did our toes go
we’ll just say we gave them up for the band
And we might find that we regret
Giving up such precious things
But in the end we’ll have great stories
All our friends might have their fingers
And jobs with 401ks
But we will have played in New York
And even been mugged in L.A.
When it all is said and done
We can sit back and live off our kids
When its time to say our goodbyes
We can say at least we tried

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