Song 10: “In the East”

by CJ on August 11th, 2009

Here is Song #10 – You can stream it by clicking the little PLAY button, or download it by right-clicking the title:

CJ Bargamian - 10 In the East

10 AccordionI’ll be the first to admit that my main motivation in writing this song was to use my accordion. It was one of the instruments I have lying around that I had managed to not yet use in this project, and I missed it!

I picked up the accordion and noodled around until I had 2 very basic parts that worked well together. I hit the record button and played a simple repetition of the two parts, with no clear idea of vocal melody or anything else really. The accordion part was very slow and a bit of a dirge – I then sat down with my ukulele and came up with a much more upbeat shuffle to go over it. The result was a much more lively tune. I also added a little ukulele solo melody over some parts, and then some percussion with a tambourine and some metal sticks – the tune ended up being much more Latin American than I had expected.

Last was the vocal track. Due to the kinda western feel of the music, I opted to write about how I’ve always loved the west coast and really hope to get back over there soon – for a visit at very least. When I sing “San Francisco” in the chorus, I’m really referring to any western city and not just that one in particular. Although it is my favorite, I chose it for this song simply because it has the right number of syllables. 🙂

Instruments used:
Baritone ukulele
Metal sticks

On my way to the coast
I was distracted by mountains
And I found myself
By and by I could not
Get by, to my destination
And I lost myself
San Francisco, you will just have to wait
I will see you again someday, but I
Have unfinished business in the east
For now I have to stay, you see
When I get to the coast
I will jump into the ocean
And I will lose myself
For the love of god
I have to get back soon
And I will stay this time

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  1. Bok Says:

    Dang girl, friends like that are hard to find! Stephanie is just guooergs and looked so at ease in all her portraits. I love the variety and fun images you captured. GORGEOUS!

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